'My name is Abigail. I was a pretty happy, go-lucky kind of girl. I had my friends, acquaintances and a few people who I didn't particularly like, but no one was my enemy...

Well, my 5th grade year, my family went through a devastating house fire. It left us homeless and nowhere to go. My friend who had been with me 9 years got mad because I was getting more attention" then her. So she start causing issues with other people around me. All the while I became really sick, and the doctors ended up finding 2 tumors in my chest. At 10-11 years old thats like a nightmare in reality. The whole time my "friend" ignoring me and making people dislike me, saying that I was being a drama queen. Although I had a smile on my face, I was slowly on a one-way train to depression...
My eighth grade year wasn't much better... I was still really sick, between having to see 40 doctors just to be told they couldn't find anything and my friends deserting me... It got pretty rough. Then another smack in the face, at band practice, I had a seizure and face-planted the asphalt. When the doctors were checking me for head damage... They found 2 brain tumors. Once again, miraculously they were non-cancerous and I was sent on my way. That's when the going got the worst. All my friends at once seemed to be deserting. One that had even gone to the doctor with me, now claimed that I was faking my health situation to get attention. That was the main thing, "oh she's just faking her health, she's lying about it. Nothing but a drama queen." everyday this is what I heard.

On the outside I smiled and said they just don't know, on the inside I was cold and depressed. This slowly got worse. They stopped saying things to my face, but instead chose a silent killer... RUMORS.

They started so many that by the end everyone in my school (no exaggeration) thought I was a lying drama queen. I spent most nights crying myself to sleep, because my heart was too easy to break. That was only my freshman year though... My sophomore year was the year the bullying got physical, except this time it was the friends I had made when I was being bullied previously. After this I was at rock bottom... I didn't want to continue living, I was too depressed so my grades became horrible...

I lost all hope.

And then one day, an angry boy a year younger saw me crying alone at our public library. He came over and asked me what was wrong. Although he was a stranger, he stopped. He started to protect me from these girls, whenever he could. He was the wall between me and them when the "leader" got her posey" to come and jump me at school. He saved me from my darkness and despair. That stranger is now my bestest friend and we hold each other up when one is to weak to stand on their own...'
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