Today; being the second addition to 1906's new official site I wanted to discuss warning signs. Warning signs are very important because they are the start of a very unhealthy victim. If you can tell someone is being bullied in a early stage. You have a great chance of preventing future harm to that person. 1906's motto is 'an ounce of prevention, is better than a pound of cure' so I edited a list of behavior you may notice is someone who might be being bullied. No matter what age, these symptoms are known to reflect on everyone. If you have seen some of the signs below on a person you know, talk to them. Try to get them to open up to you. And if that does not work; Tell an adult. This might make you feel like you are getting into other people's personal business. But if bullying is taken too far, it can and will cause a great amount of damage to this person, not only emotionally, but physically... Click Read More to see the list.

*Increased passivity or withdrawal 
*Frequent crying 
*Recurrent complaints of physical symptoms such as stomach-aches or headaches with no apparent cause 
*Unexplained bruises 
*Sudden drop in grades or other learning problems
*Not wanting to go to school 
*Significant changes in social life — suddenly no one is calling or extending invitations
*Sudden change in the way your child talks — calling him/herself a loser


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